Domestic & International Distribution

Domestic & International Distribution

In all countries, distribution represents a large share of domestic production and employment. The industry is highly dynamic and changing rapidly. There is a trend towards greater concentration and the rapid development of new forms of competition — for example, through electronic commerce.

International Footprint with Local Expertise

Let HJM’s distribution experts, technology and infrastructure do the work for you. We’ll closely coordinate together with you to come up with an effective solution around your supply process, using a global network of assets to bring you a logistical advantage to your marketplaces around the world while our dedicated teams on location make sure your products reach your customers nationwide on the promised delivery times.

Tailored Distribution Services

We help you scale up for a market launch or expansion, speed up add services or have use for seasonal inventory—or even scale down your own warehousing operations—more rapidly, efficiently, strategically and cost effectively.