International Relocations

International Relocations

When you are planning to move internationally or even to a different continent, it is most of the times a big and radical chapter in your life. HJM Logistics can unburden you fully to assist you in the transport of your household goods, vehicle and personal belongings. After a possible inventory check of the goods at your location, we can provide you with a tailored quotation and fully prepare you for the move.

Moving Network

HJM Logistics has a world wide network with own local offices and partners at your departure and destination location and we know exactly what is needed to ensure the transportation of your belongings is as efficient and competitively priced as possible  without issues.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to North-America, the Middle-East, Asia Pacific or Africa, we ensure a carefree relocation. An international relocation is most of the times regulated by variable custom regulation on both ends and fitting documentation is needed. HJM is fully aware of what is asked of you in this and makes sure you are not open to any unwanted surprises.

Packaging and Loading

HJM Logistics fully understands that international relocations are not just the moving of general cargo, but that the goods are most of the times very personal and valuable to you. For that reason we are able to assist you with setting up the right packaging and tailored loading solutions to prepare your personal belongings for the international trip.

Especially when you emigrate to other continent destinations which are less developed it is key that the right documentation and loading is prepared to make sure that you don’t encounter any issues with the destination customs departments and we take this responsibility fully on us in coordination with you.