Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

One of the major challenges is the day to day flow of your goods through your business network. HJM Logistics ensures you gain end-to-end visibility and control over your supply chain flows while optimizing efficiency across all parties involved. That’s where HJM’s supply chain management comes in.

Vendors and Customers

HJM Logistics can coordinate with each of your individual partner in your supply chain to achieve an optimal supply-chain harmony for your incoming and outgoing goods. Wherever your suppliers our customers may be located, we have a dedicated team on both ends to arrange your day to day, door-to-door shipments.

Supply Chain Control

From start to end, the status of your shipment is tracked so you always know where your cargo is and when it is expected to arrive. You also have access to and these can be tailored to your requirements but would typically include:

  • Pick up / Cargo receipt
  • Estimated and Actual Times of Departure and tracking while on board of the vessel (ETD)
  • Export Customs Clearance Status (ECCS)
  • Import Customs Clearance Status (ICCS)
  • Actual Time of Arrival (ETA)

If more extensive tracking data is required, then these can be tailored to fit your needs.